NYPD police horse charms children

A trip to the Equus Film Festival in Gotham let me meet some superheroes – as well as their fans.

Hello, again!

Quick Update!

We survived The Great Website and Domain Migration.

Well, except for a few casualties, such as all the images from all the blog posts on both websites.Many are in the Gallery section of the dashboard, but not all. So, I need to replace them all by hand, one at a time.

It’s not so bad here on this site. But over at The Horsey Set Net with seven years of posts and images? Yikes!

Anyway, while my ace web wizard Denise of Moonsstardust Designs and I moved the whole digital kit-and-kaboodle to GoDaddy, lots happened in Real Life.

My November to Remember

The above photo is from my November to Remember, and I’m not talking about NaNoWriMo. For writing purposes, I hole up and work on fiction during January/February, not November with everyone else.

My Novembers are crazy busy with a lot of events, including my first visit to the second-annual Equus Film Festival in New York.

You said something about action?

That said, you may be interested in some action on the horse blog. Here’s an overview and first impressions of the film festival and an in-depth essay on a panel on horse safety in Hollywood on The Horsey Set Net.

The latter post about movie horses is a tad lengthy because it developed scope creep. Enjoy!