Hi! If you’re new here, you probably clicked in because you were at our NECRWA panel. Thank you for coming out to see us first thing in the morning, when you could’ve anywhere else, even chatting over breakfast with your dream agent.

Anyway, here’s the PDF of the Powerpoint presentation Corrina Lawson, Anna C. Bowling, and I gave at “Let Your Imagination Take Flight 2017,” presented by the New England chapter of Romance Writers of America.

Click the link for the PDF: BloggingIsntDead

Ya Gotta LOVE It

I used to laughingly call my horse blog The Blog That Ate My Life while I worked on The Book That Ate My Brain. For writers who must wear many hats, balance is difficult to achieve. (I like to mix metaphors. Restauranteurs call it “fusion.”) Blogging is a lot of work, and so is writing fiction. Perhaps you noticed?

The School of the Internet

When you decided to become an author, you didn’t realize you’d become a perpetual student as well. It’s easy to flounder around in the spiral of the learning curve, but I also suspect that’s Life anyway — always something new to learn.

Free tutorials for just about everything are everywhere online. Search around for someone whose video both suits your needs, covers your version of WordPress, and whose voice resonates with you. The internet has given us the gift of being able to choose our teachers. Put the tutorial videos up in one tab with your blog dashboard in the other, and use the video pause button liberally.

Hot Tips

Some excellent Subject Matter Experts on author blogs:

If I Had It All to Do All Over again …

I wouldn’t have two separate blogs, one for the horse blog and the other for my world as a writer. Someday, I may not be writing about horses (whaaat?!), but hindsight also shows me I should’ve set up a single blog if only to keep all the traffic going to one site. Plus, having one blog is enough work: two doubles the work.

Annnd I would’ve started my email list, even though I had no freebie to offer, from Day One, as I was being taught and was common practice for the “authority bloggers” who trained me. But, oh no, I had to come up with the perfect freebie – which still eludes me, almost nine years later. (Good grief, Rhonda!)

One More Thing: Blog Tech Support

Denise of Moons Stardust Designs has pulled my blogs out of crash mode multiple times, including earlier this week. She’s easy to work with and untangles the mess, especially the OMG-The-Sky-Is-Falling chaos.

Visit Corrina’s and Anna’s posts

Don’t miss Corrina’s and Anna’s tips. Also, note that we linked to each other’s posts makes good Search Engine Optimization sense. SEO?

That’s another branching spiral on the learning curve.

If you want to blog, do it. If you have questions, you know how to find me.