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Celebrating Sasscer Hill’s FLAMINGO ROAD

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As her first Fia McKee mystery novel FLAMINGO ROAD is released by St. Martin’s Press, I want to share a story about my friend Sasscer Hill.

Over on The Horsey Set Net is a horse-centric post, especially appropriate because Sasscer used to breed, train, and race Maryland thoroughbreds. She was even a steeplechase jockey and broke her own colts. Her mystery novels are set in the world of horse racing, a world she knows well.

This post is about the first time we met in-person, instead of just online. So …

About seven years ago, in the courtyard of Saratoga Springs’s exclusive and historic Adelphi Hotel, Sasscer spoke to me as if I were a balky thoroughbred filly.

How to get on the radio

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Radio interview at Aiken Trials
Mystery author Sasscer Hill and Tony Baughman of WKSX-FM set up for a radio interview at the Aiken Trials. Photo by Rhonda Lane

You’re an author at an event. You see someone wearing a headset, perhaps with a microphone, sitting off to the side with some boxy electronic equipment with dials or slides.

That person may be a radio announcer, especially if he or she has media credentials. He or she may “doing a remote broadcast” and wondering how to fill the hour or so. He or she might be looking for someone to talk to.

That someone could be you.