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Lessons from Lady Gaga and Lin-Manuel Miranda

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I’d just posted to Twitter’s #Fridayreads about a book titled MONSTER LOYALTY: HOW LADY GAGA TURNS FOLLOWERS INTO FANATICS by Jackie Huba.

Monster Loyalty by Jackie HubaOkay, the word “fanatics” suggests unpleasantness, but the word “fan” derives from it. We all are “fans” of a musician, an author, a sports team, chocolate.

Gaga’s fans absolutely love her, and she loves them in return. Her sincerity pulses in a current between her and her “Little Monsters,” in ways Huba describes in much of her book.

I admit, before I read the book, I only saw the tip of the iceberg that’s Lady Gaga: her music, her art, and her legacy — namely the Born This Way Foundation — to promote kindness.

Anyway, right after I posted my #fridayreads entry about Huba’s book, I saw this video Tweet from “Hamilton” creator Lin-Manuel Miranda: