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Great news!

That's not me sitting on the moon. I'm more "over the moon." My short story "On Like Donkey Kong" was accepted for the upcoming Sisters in Crime Guppies chapter anthology titled FISH OUT OF WATER. It will be, what's called, my "fiction debut," aka, my first...

My Morley Safer story

Okay. So my story is a few degrees of separation from Morley himself. Here goes. About a dozen years ago, the Hartford Courant and Poynter  cohosted an all-genre writers' seminar day. That was shortly after 9/11 and just before Poynter set up NewsU, to shift its...

Coding for old school novelists

This wasn't my usual writer's workshop. As an old school journalist and a storyteller, I'm trained to put words together with a purpose in mind for an audience to either consider or take action or feel emotions, in other words, be informed or entertained. Likewise,...


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