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The “Blogging Isn’t Dead” PDF and Tips!

Hi! If you're new here, you probably clicked in because you were at our NECRWA panel. Thank you for coming out to see us first thing in the morning, when you could've anywhere else, even chatting over breakfast with your dream agent. Anyway, here's the PDF of the...

That Special Outfit

Last spring, I ordered an outfit I longed to wear for a special occasion. I imagined all the smiles and compliments. When The Preciousss arrived, I couldn't wait to try it on. One size fits all, right? I broke a seam. Once again, the size of my waistline -- let alone...

2017 Appearances

Here's where I should be or may be in 2017. Schedules can and do change. Yep. I'm behind here. I've been busy on The Horsey Set Net, getting "On Like Donkey Kong" ready for FISH OUT OF WATER's spring publication, powering through revisions on FATAL IMAGE, working on...


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