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Lessons from Lady Gaga and Lin-Manuel Miranda

I'd just posted to Twitter's #Fridayreads about a book titled MONSTER LOYALTY: HOW LADY GAGA TURNS FOLLOWERS INTO FANATICS by Jackie Huba. Okay, the word "fanatics" suggests unpleasantness, but the word "fan" derives from it. We all are "fans" of a musician, an...

The 2017 SinCNE “Murder by the Minute” CT edition

I read an excerpt from my short story "On Like Donkey Kong," published this year in FISH OUT OF WATER: A GUPPY ANTHOLOGY for the Connecticut edition of a Sisters in Crime New England event. Sisters in Crime New England holds a "Murder by the Minute" weekend in which...

Celebrating Sasscer Hill’s FLAMINGO ROAD

As her first Fia McKee mystery novel FLAMINGO ROAD is released by St. Martin's Press, I want to share a story about my friend Sasscer Hill. Over on The Horsey Set Net is a horse-centric post, especially appropriate because Sasscer used to breed, train, and race...


Ways to beat the summer heat? Part 1

Heat teamed with humidity is my Kryptonite. I hid under AC for years. Here's how I learned to enjoy/tolerate summer without living in a bubble. I grew up without air conditioning in northern Kentucky, where Mother Nature used to  ratchet up the steam about a week...

Who you gonna call?

Do-It-Yourself is great, until you get in over your head. When I was updating "plug-ins" on The Horsey Set Net, the blog crashed. When I returned to the blog's WordPress dashboard, a white screen of error messages confronted me. I logged off and rebooted the computer,...

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