NotebookFlowerSharpenerI’m psyched to report the first twenty pages of my mystery-in-progress FATAL IMAGE won third place in the Mystery/Suspense category of the 2015 New England Readers Award for Unpublished Work.

My sample pages came in behind those written by Maya Corrigan and Sarah Andre, two fine already-published authors. Congratulations, ladies!

For full disclosure, the sponsoring group was one of my Romance Writers of America chapters, Connecticut Romance Writers of America (CTRWA), but that status didn’t give my anonymously submitted pages extra mojo.

So, because I’m still only published in poetry and newspaper journalism, I feel as giddy as Ugly Betty showing up in her Guadalajra poncho for her first day of work at “Mode.”

The above link to the list of contest finalists will go away next year when CTRWA gears up for its 2016 writing contest. However, because this blog is a year-round establishment, so I’m posting the Winners list below. Congratulations, everyone!

Writing Contest & Award

The New England Readers Award for Unpublished Works

Congratulations to the finalists! The Grand Prize Winner will be picked at random.**

Young Adult

1st – Gear Kin – Jamie K. Schmidt*

2nd  – Four Bullets – Amy DeLuca w/a Amy Patrick

           One More Breath – Pamela Kopfler (tie)

3rd – Twin of Fire – P. Cody Miller


1st – Can’t Forget  – Colleen S. Meyers

          Better Dead – Pamela Kopfler (tie)

2nd – Constant Craving – Kari Cole

3rd – Rain Goddess – Amanda Byrd


1st – The Secret Affairs of a Duke’s Daughter – Janna MacGregor

2nd – Master of Tides – Jennifer Kohout

3rd – First Offer – Ann Clement*


1st – Best Laid Plans – Lindsay Larson

2nd – The Bar Scene – Christine Dreidel w/a Virginia Frost

3rd – Summer Rayne – Marianne Rice


1st – Art of Deceit – Maya Corrigan

2nd – Secrets That Kill – Sarah Andre

3rd – Fatal Image – Rhonda Lane*

*CTRWA member

** Due to a processing error, this list was amended to include all finalists.