Okay. So my story is a few degrees of separation from Morley himself. Here goes.

About a dozen years ago, the Hartford Courant and Poynter  cohosted an all-genre writers’ seminar day.

That was shortly after 9/11 and just before Poynter set up NewsU, to shift its educational operations to an online platform.

Morley Safer was scheduled to speak, but he didn’t show up. We were told he was on a flight to Baghdad.

Instead of disappointment rumbling through the crowd, the attendees were stoked. One, a young man, crowed:

“Morley Safer’s fxxxing seventy fxxxing years old and on a fxxxing plane to Baghdad!”

Despite his age, many of us were shocked to hear he passed, but I don’t think anyone is truly surprised, in hindsight, that he retired only a few days before he left us.

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