Alas, The Horsey Set Net is No More. I closed the blog in December 2020. I should send this page to the Trash but I don’t have the heart to yet. The blog ran for twelve years.

If you like horses, be sure to visit The Horsey Set Net, my online horses-and-culture magazine/blog/website, where enthusiasts of all breeds and disciplines are welcome.

I’ve loved horses ever since I was a child. I grew up in rural Kentucky, where thoroughbreds are famous but don’t hold a monopoly. On one street in Lexington, KY, alone, you can find thoroughbred farms, saddlebred farms, and a Tennessee Walking Horse¬† farm all in about two miles of each other. (Old Paris Pike, if you want to be specific.)

The Horsey Set Net is where I get to bring readers along in a journey of exploration.

I want to show that the world of horses is vast, fascinating and fun, even for those who don’t find comfort in a barn.

What you’ll find

Articles, essays, articles, satires, videos from YouTube, and videos I’ve shot on-location.

Travel tips for Kentucky, Virginia Hunt Country, Saratoga, Scottsdale, central Florida.

Reviews and mentions of creative works featuring horses from Broadway shows, award-winning novels to TV commercials.

Compelling photography from the world’s finest stock photographers and, well, me.

What it’s not

No training tips. I’m a traveler, not a trainer.

Not so many handicapping tips, although I have one about how pedigree can impact a horse’s stamina for distance races. Aka “dosage.”

No bashing, no name-calling, no spitting on the floor. I did get a little snarky back in the days of the Horse Movie Drinking Game, when I ragged on TV shows and movies for their mistakes in scenes or stories featuring horses. Hollywood is such a fun target.

How to subscribe?

It’s free. How cool is that? And you get to choose whether you want your updates showing up in your email or in an RSS reader.

Go over to The Horsey Set Net home page and look over at the right columns of the screen.