That’s not me sitting on the moon. I’m more “over the moon.”

My short story “On Like Donkey Kong” was accepted for the upcoming Sisters in Crime Guppies chapter anthology titled FISH OUT OF WATER.

It will be, what’s called, my “fiction debut,” aka, my first publication credit for fiction.

There’s no publication date set yet. Contributors are still being notified. My acceptance email said our editor Ramona DeFelice Long will begin working with us in June.

I’ve taken courses with Ramona and look forward to her recommendations and guidance. In the weeks since I submitted the story, I’ve also edited it to read aloud at events, so I suspect I already know what she may suggest I cut.

“On Like Donkey Kong” is about a scorned wife and the new scandalous couple all meeting at a small town tradition – what could possibly go wrong? πŸ™‚ The story is set in the world of my mystery novel, a fictional rural Kentucky county on the fringe of Kentucky’s horse country.

I’ll have more information when I learn more.

Thank you so much for your support and encouragement!

The image is a still from “A Trip to the Moon” the 1902 film by Georges MΓ©liΓ¨s.