Come on in!


Horse waiting in trailer

Photo by Rhonda Lane

Looks like this horse has been waiting as long as you have.

I’m wrapping up my own revisions on first full-length book about a southern equestrian community shaped around a breed of smooth-riding horse, like many developed for rural America from the genetics of ambling horses brought over from Europe.

My first published short story, “On Like Donkey Kong,” in FISH OUT OF WATER, a Guppy Anthology edited by Ramona DeFelice Long and published by Wildside Press, gives you taste of my voice.

My husband is looking forward to a book featuring Tammy Jo, the narrator of “On Like Donkey Kong.”

So, come on in. Browse around. There will be a newsletter soon, once I figure out what to call it.

And, if you’ve been here before, welcome back.

Photo by Shelley Paulson