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I enjoy meeting other writers and readers and horse lovers. If you hit that particular trifecta, we are paisan. If not, that’s okay. We’ll still have a grand time chatting. Everyone loves a good story. You can tell me your favorites.

Also, very important: this schedule is subject to change.


February 24 – Sisters in Crime “We Love Libraries” Award to Meriden Public Library at the Meriden Writers Network meeting, Meriden, CT. Co-presenter. (see below)

Meriden Library check presentation
Presenting the Sisters in Crime “We Love Libraries” Award to the Meriden, CT, Public Library. With Kathryn Orzech, Marian Lanouette/Merry Holly, and Steve Liskow.

April 8 – 10 – Author’s Combat Academy , Nashville, TN. Attendee.

2016 Authors Combat Academy
Knife-throwing, lectures, demos, scene blocking, and friendships strengthened at the Authors Combat Academy

April 16 – “Murder by the Minute” – CT Sisters in Crime New England members reading at the Fairfield County Writers Studio, Westport, CT. A five-minute reading.

September 9 – 10 – Connecticut Fiction Fest, Norwalk, CT. Attendee and volunteer.

November 10 – Equine Affaire, West Springfield, MA. Attendee.

November 11 – 13 – New England Crime Bake . Planning committee member and attendee.

Where the action is

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NYPD police horse charms children
A trip to the Equus Film Festival in Gotham let me meet some superheroes – as well as their fans.

Hello, again!

Quick Update!

We survived The Great Website and Domain Migration.

Well, except for a few casualties, such as all the images from all the blog posts on both websites.Many are in the Gallery section of the dashboard, but not all. So, I need to replace them all by hand, one at a time.

It’s not so bad here on this site. But over at The Horsey Set Net with seven years of posts and images? Yikes!

Anyway, while my ace web wizard Denise of Moonsstardust Designs and I moved the whole digital kit-and-kaboodle to GoDaddy, lots happened in Real Life.

My November to Remember

The above photo is from my November to Remember, and I’m not talking about NaNoWriMo. For writing purposes, I hole up and work on fiction during January/February, not November with everyone else.

My Novembers are crazy busy with a lot of events, including my first visit to the second-annual Equus Film Festival in New York.

You said something about action?

That said, you may be interested in some action on the horse blog. Here’s an overview and first impressions of the film festival and an in-depth essay on a panel on horse safety in Hollywood on The Horsey Set Net.

The latter post about movie horses is a tad lengthy because it developed scope creep. Enjoy!

Broken Link Blues

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Cat peeking out
Like Big Orange, I’m overwhelmed.

I spent Saturday, May, 30, at the UPublishU conference associated with the 2015 Book Expo America in New York. One of the presentations included information about SEO, aka Search Engine Optimization.

One of my many takeaways from the sessions is: Google penalizes websites with broken links.

Great. Just great.

SWOT what?

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Jennifer Fusco, authorIt’s a noun, not a verb.

A few years ago, a young marketing exec joined one of my local writers’ groups. Jennifer Fusco was determined to write fiction for publication, so she joined Connecticut Romance Writers Association (CTRWA). A North Carolina native, she spoke in a southern accent like mine, so we hit it off.

Jennifer soon became a member of the CTRWA board, then served a term as president, and hit the writers conference circuit with plain talk presentations on aspects of marketing for authors. Her contemporary romance FIGHTING FOR IT, set in the world of boxing, is slated for a September 2015 release by Penguin. Recently, Belle Bridge Books released MARKET OR DIE, an instructional book for authors filled with concepts like branding, market research and making a SWOT analysis.

She used my SWOT analysis in her book.

SWOT is an acronym