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Lessons from Anthony Bourdain

Lessons from Anthony Bourdain

Edited in July 2021 I learned many lessons from the late author chef Anthony Bourdain, including: Pho isn't merely soup, and it doesn't come in a brick of dried noodles to be rehydrated. Shallots are the kinder, gentler cousins of onions. Bind up those chicken legs...

It’s not hoarding. It’s ABUNDANCE!

I'm a reading dragon with a hoard of books. You say that like it's a bad thing. Yes, sometimes my To Be Read pile slides, like the avalanches Bilbo triggers.   And, yes, I'm just as grumpy as Smaug when an avalanche suggests my hoard may be out of control. Why do...


Why I’m playing #WinAndYou’reIn

Not just because I'd like a trip to the Breeders Cup at Del Mar and a possible meet-and-greet with jockey Mike Smith and trainer Bob Baffert and a tour of the Del Mar backstretch. That would be wicked cool. I also figured the campaign would be good experience for me...

Happy Holidays 2016

CJ told me to put more horses on this website. Howzabout horses in a holiday greeting? From my other blog, The Horsey Set Net: May the holidays amaze you with wonder and joy. Video: the seniors on the 2015-15 Ethel Walker School equestrian drill team. For more from...

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