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My poem “At the Rail” is included in a fine arts photography book.


TRACK LIFE: IMAGES AND WORDS by Juliet Harrison features her dramatic racing images along with text written by selected turf writers, racing insiders and enthusiastic railbirds like me.

Check out the following list of contributors. If you follow racing, especially New York racing, many will look familiar.

Marion E. Altieri, Michele Lee Amundsen, Cindy Wyrich Bledsoe, Martha Frankel, Carol Goodman, Mikhail Horowitz, Leslie Knauf, Rhonda Lane, Freddie Lanclud, Jana Martin, Brendan O’Meara, Melaina Phipps, Lynn Reardon, Natalie Keller Reinert, Tad Richards, Donald Rothschild, Kimberly Kelly Santini, Linda Shantz, Nina Shengold, Sharon Simmons-Passmore, Zachary Sklar, Holly Tonini and Marylou Whitney

TRACK LIFE: IMAGES AND WORDS is available via your favorite bookseller. Check out Juliet’s website for more information and to see more of her beautiful and thought-provoking work.

Some of us met with Juliet for a signing outside the Saratoga Saddlery in Saratoga Springs, NY, during racing season. 


Contributors to TRACK LIFE: IMAGES & WORDS with photographer and editor Juliet Harrison (fourth from left. I’m third from left.)


How to get on the radio

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Radio interview at Aiken Trials
Mystery author Sasscer Hill and Tony Baughman of WKSX-FM set up for a radio interview at the Aiken Trials. Photo by Rhonda Lane

You’re an author at an event. You see someone wearing a headset, perhaps with a microphone, sitting off to the side with some boxy electronic equipment with dials or slides.

That person may be a radio announcer, especially if he or she has media credentials. He or she may “doing a remote broadcast” and wondering how to fill the hour or so. He or she might be looking for someone to talk to.

That someone could be you.