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Glenfiddich Explorers

I tried to get direct links to these articles, but that’s not happening, probably because of all the legal hoops the single-malt whisky company hops through to have a website. So I’ll give you a procedure.

Go to the Glenfiddich Explorers website, prove your of legal drinking age (a hassle, but required), click into the site and find the search blank and type in horses.

My three Glenfiddich Explorers articles:

  • The World’s Great Horse Races, ranging from Royal Ascot and the Kentucky Derby to the Little Brown Jug and the Tevis Cup
  • The World’s Greatest Jockeys, including jockeys better known in Asia
  • The World’s Most Unique Equestrian Spectacles, showing expected events like the Trooping of the Colours by the British Household Cavalry to Morocco’s Tissa Horse Festival