Where the action is

A trip to the Equus Film Festival in Gotham let me meet some superheroes - as well as their fans. Hello, again! Quick Update! We survived The Great Website and Domain Migration. Well, except for a few casualties, such as all the images from all the blog posts on both websites.Many are in the Gallery section of the dashboard, but not all. So, I need to replace them ...

Broken Link Blues

Like Big Orange, I'm overwhelmed. I spent Saturday, May, 30, at the UPublishU conference associated with the 2015 Book Expo America in New York. One of the presentations included information about SEO, aka Search Engine Optimization. One of my many takeaways from the sessions is: Google penalizes websites with broken links. Great. Just great. (more…)

SWOT what?

It's a noun, not a verb. A few years ago, a young marketing exec joined one of my local writers' groups. Jennifer Fusco was determined to write fiction for publication, so she joined Connecticut Romance Writers Association (CTRWA). A North Carolina native, she spoke in a southern accent like mine, so we hit it off. Jennifer soon became a member of the CTRWA board, then served a ...

Writing in Mark Twain’s Library

How would you like to write your story here? Photo courtesy Mark Twain House and Museum Twain House tour guides tell us Sam Clemens, who wrote under the pen name Mark Twain, made up stories on the fly for his three daughters in the glow of his library's hearth. His young audience expected each story to feature items displayed on the mantel, starting with the picture ...

Showing a library some love from Sisters in Crime

L to R: Sisters in Crime members Susannah Hardy, Kathryn Orzech, me and Levi E. Coe library director Loren Webber, Adult Services coordinator Susan Mizla and children's services librarian Vicki Berry A couple of writer pals and I felt like Oprah for a morning. We helped a local library celebrate winning a $1,000 grant from Sisters in Crime. (more…)