My short story “On Like Donkey Kong” is in the 2017 Sisters in Crime Guppy chapter anthology of crime fiction! You can purchase a copy from your favorite book retailer, both in paper and ebook.

Cover of FISH OUT OF WATER: A Guppies anthology


So, what’s that story about?

A scorned wife targets the scandalous couple at a small town tradition. What could go wrong?

"On Like Donkey Kong" graphic

“About me” stuff

This is the hub of my online activities and my “I’m Legit” website.

So far, I’m the creator/curator/wrangler/janitor of the online horses-and-culture magazine/blog known as The Horsey Set Net . I’ve also contributed to the now-defunct Glenfiddich Explorers, an adventure travel website run by the single-malt whisky company.

My first non-journalism publishing credit is for a poem titled “At the Rail” in TRACK LIFE: IMAGES AND WORDS by fine arts photographer Juliet Harrison via Paper Trail Press.


What eats up a lot of my mental energy is fiction, especially crime fiction. I’m working on the first book in a mystery series set on the fringe of Kentucky’s horse country. I’m taking a classes and pains to get it right. I don’t think I put this much planning into my wedding.

What you’ll see here on this site

Changes. Count on new links and publications, along with helpful tips about being a blogger and a writer, along with some surprises. That’s another way of saying, I’m working it out as I go along.

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A newsletter is coming soon – but not soon enough! Long story.

Bio (Pardon the stiff third person narration. I’ve been told it’s expected for bios.)

Rhonda grew up in rural Kentucky where fast horses are bred — but she had more contact with horses on TV. A sitter’s family owned and exhibited Tennessee Walking Horses, so Rhonda spent time playing in the barn aisle.

She’s worked as a sports broadcast technician for a national TV network, a photojournalist and as a newspaper general assignment reporter who still covered a lot of “cops and courts” along with school programs.

She lives in central Connecticut with her husband and their pet cats in a hillside grove of oak trees. She enjoys riding horses, at long last, and doing too much research.


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