Happy Holidays 2016

CJ told me to put more horses on this website. Howzabout horses in a holiday greeting? From my other blog, The Horsey Set Net: https://youtu.be/TiRc70kV6b8 May the holidays amaze you with wonder and joy. Video: the seniors on the 2015-15 Ethel Walker School equestrian drill team. For more from the Ethel Walker equestrian team, including video from this year's holiday shows, check out the team's Facebook page.


I enjoy meeting other writers and readers and horse lovers. If you hit that particular trifecta, we are paisan. If not, that's okay. We'll still have a grand time chatting. Everyone loves a good story. You can tell me your favorites. Also, very important: this schedule is subject to change. 2016 February 24 - Sisters in Crime "We Love Libraries" Award to Meriden Public Library at the Meriden ...

Where the action is

A trip to the Equus Film Festival in Gotham let me meet some superheroes - as well as their fans. Hello, again! Quick Update! We survived The Great Website and Domain Migration. Well, except for a few casualties, such as all the images from all the blog posts on both websites.Many are in the Gallery section of the dashboard, but not all. So, I need to replace them ...

Broken Link Blues

Like Big Orange, I'm overwhelmed. I spent Saturday, May, 30, at the UPublishU conference associated with the 2015 Book Expo America in New York. One of the presentations included information about SEO, aka Search Engine Optimization. One of my many takeaways from the sessions is: Google penalizes websites with broken links. Great. Just great. (more…)